November 2, 2008

Carissa Capobianco: A future Horror Hottie?

Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part, and any other straight male who saw Dance of the Dead, but the Horror Genre could sure use more of Clarissa Copacabana.

She's obviously cute; She could so be the Final Girl in many a Horror movie, using her virginal adorableness to rise above the rest of the slutty chicks in the movie to survive, and very possibly be in the sequel.

"You're so sweet!"
She appears to enjoy wearing Cheerleader outfits; so obviously, she's a bit freaky? Sweet she may be, but she could certainly play the evil slutty chick with ease... Smoking, drinking, acting catty, sleeping around and getting what she deserves in the end. Sounds good to us.

"Um... no?"
She really should get naked; Don't be a prude Clarissa, they're only boobs. Plenty of Horror Hotties before you have become legends just by showing the twins now and then... and the butt... and by doing lesbian shower scenes...

"... ..."
She also looks good covered in blood; Sure that sounds pretty creepy, but isn't that a prerequisite for being a hot Horror chick? Yes it is, so don't judge me.

By this time, Carissa is not interested in anything else we have to say. Fair enough.
She was pretty good in Dance of the Dead, both acting-wise and hotness-wise, so we as a fan base must demand more from her. Lifetime movies about slutty teenagers are great and all, but what can you really accomplish on Lifetime? Go ask Meredith Baxter Birney about that one, Carissa, because she's in every other one of their lame movies, and guess what? She's not naked in any of them!

Don't let us down Carissa!


  1. You and me think alike. I'm new to this blog but I love what I see! And Carissa is hot!

  2. I got an instant boner watching her in "Dance of the Dead". She is georgous!

  3. This girl is gorgeous! She has a body made for f***ing and a face made for the movies. And her smile- well I like to think that was made for me! Now bend over baby