November 23, 2008

Review: My Name is Bruce (2008)

Sub-Genre- Horror Comedy
In Attendance- Me, Machine, Chris, and Susan.
Cast Members of Note- Bruce Campbell, only one of the coolest guys ever, and some hot chick who I never knew existed named Grace Thorsen.

In this movie, Bruce Campbell's character is a star of a bunch of crappy B-movies, and is also a prick. His wife left him for his sleazy agent and is trying to bleed him dry, he hangs out with (pre-op) Tranny Hookers on his birthday, his dog is an alcoholic, he lives in a trailer, he drives a crappy old beat-up junker of a car... I didn't know things had been so rough for him since Evil Dead. Poor guy.

So he's kidnapped by a crazed fan to fight the Chinese God of Bean Curd Protection (yes, really), and save some podunk little redneck town from certain doom... like, bean curd doom? Anywho, the town is full of gay cowboys, hicks, a girl with the best boobs ever, and some more hicks.

I don't want to spoil the moviefor you here, because really there isn't much to spoil, but I will say that plenty of Demon ass is kicked!

Love the shirt.
Bruce Campbell; the name just screams goodness, doesn't it? This movie was more funny that it was horrific, but it doesn't matter; from start to finish I loved it, especially since it was being cheesy on purpose. Nobody does what Bruce does as well as he does... he's bad-ass and funny all in the same bag. But then, you already knew that.

Aside from the awesomeness that is Bruce, The next best thing about this movie is this little sassbox in the picture below; Grace Thorsen is a new Hottie to us, and she may just have the best boobs ever. She needs to get herself some more Genre work, now!

Those talents...
"I wish I could quit you?" Seriously?

How in the hell does pee taste like lemon water? That's just so wrong.

Don't ask.
Despite there being all kinds of beheading and slashing, the gore was more campy that in was disturbing. If gore can be fun, then this gore was really fun. Yet gory. Whatever.

No naked goodness, but Grace Thorsen has some primo sweater monkeys that NEED to be unleashed..

"For the love of God man, I can smell her Chapstick." or "Are you ok, Honey?"

Bruce Campbell is golden in everything he touches. Also, bean curds stave off Demons. Who knew?

The man makes what is goofy, into fun.
This movie is just a plain old fun, tongue-in-cheek, take-it-seriously-and-you're-missing-the-point, type of film experience. Bruce proves again that he's the man, and that the Genre absolutely needs what he brings to the table. Go see it if you can, and grab the DVD when it hits stores!


My Name is Bruce is available now on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD.

She has no idea how accurate "The Loading Zone" decal on her shirt is...

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