November 18, 2008

I F'ing love Sweden.

After seeing my first Swedish horror film recently, the teen vampire movie Let the Right One In, I have officially fallen in love with Sweden. Well, I loved Sweden a lot before, but now it's... let me explain. I'm a huge hockey fan. My Detroit Red Wings, the best NHL team ever (don't correct me), have been making me cheer for nearly 3 decades. What's this got to do with Sweden you ask? Well half of our team is filled with Swedes, and they all rock!
I love you Lidstrom. Yes, even you, Lilja.
Let's not forget that Swedish chicks are really hot too. Have you ever seen an ugly one? Plus, they kinds look like they're easy. And hot.
Know why that guy in the picture is smiling? Because he's Swedish. Also, a pedophile.
Also, I just think Swedish people seem fun. Sure, this guy may be smiling because all of that year-round snow drove him insane, but maybe it's because he lives in an awesome land! Finally, how can we forget one of the best foods ever: Add all of the above to the fact that they may just have produced the best horror flick of the year, and Sweden just makes me happy.

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