November 20, 2008

Quick Review: Trailer Park of Terror (2008)

You know, I wasn't even going to review this movie; the title alone gave me fits and almost kept me from watching it as it is.

I gave in though, for some reason, and I was actually surprised at what I saw... The movie was pretty decent.

Don't get me wrong, Trailer Park of Terror isn't anything to write home about, but neither is it a crap-fest of B-movie painfulness that I was expecting. Ok, it is a B-movie, but it's a pretty well made and watchable one.

I mean, it has Trace Adkins playing The Devil (how can you not love that?), all kinds of blood and gore, all kinds of slutty chicks, and White Trash stereotypes galore! (I love making fun of the Whiskey-Tango's)

It's also fairly well-made, it looks good, the acting is decent, and the story was entertaining, even if the script was a little lacking.

"Ya'll goin' to hell, hear me?"
Trailer Park of Terror was a genuinely fun watch for the most part, even if it was shameful fun. You can do way worse than renting this if you're not sure what to grab from the video store, and if you don't expect too much, you may just like it.

Especially if you like Trace Adkins and Trailer Parks.

Nichole Hiltz is in this... yum.


  1. far as B movies go. This is certainly one of the more entertaining ones.

    When the happy youths are all bunking for the night, and we know the ghoulies will be coming out, the huge lady with the flamingos was the one I couldn't wait to see.

  2. Love this movie. A great throw back to the fun, schlocky horror of the 80's with practical effects and creative kills. Very Tales from the Crypt-ish.