October 3, 2009

The 31 Days of Horror- #29

"Norwegian torture-porn, and a series that needs to end already..."

The Hidden Gem:
The Master says: This is the first of 3 Norwegian horror movies on our top 31 list, and it's a nasty one. Who needs originality when you have copious amounts of blood and gore, right? This is a fairly typical backwoods, stalk and slash, torture porn type of flick, but what it does it does well. Maybe it's just because the Euro horror flicks feel different from their generic American counterparts, I don't know. I just know that fun is fun, and this one is a bloody good time.

The Train Wreck:
The Master says: The killer and namesake of the series is dead, his apprentice/partner is dead, and now a cop is carrying on his work? I'm sure I'll take some flack for this one, but I've got news for you; when your main villain dies, so should the damn series. F13 without Jason? NOES without Freddy? They tried Halloween without Michael... it was called Halloween 3: Season of the Witch, and it bombed. These movies are a random excuse to put more traps on screen and bilk people for their money anumore. I guess that if you like the over-use of flashbacks; lame, twisting, "tricky", overlapping plots; painfully implausible plot devices/elements... it's becoming a comedy. Enough already.

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