October 6, 2009

The 31 Days of Horror- #26

"An unappreciated John Carpenter flick, and Nick Cannon vs. Zombies?..."

The Hidden Gem:
The Master says: Why do so many people hate this movie? Fine, maybe Carpenter gave us his best work in the 70's and 80's, but this was still a very Carpenter-esque movie that rocked in all kinds of ways; Jason Statham and Ice Cube with guns, Natasha Henstrige looking hot as hell, and some cool ghosts that possess people and make them into body modded-zombie killer things... Big Daddy Mars kicked ass! This was supposed to be fun and tongue-in-cheek, not serious and terrifying, and while it's no Halloween or The Thing, it's a hell of a good flick that far too many people pass over.

The Train Wreck:
The Master says: F**k Nick Cannon. That's right, I said it. Why is Mariah Carey's pool boy starring in a Zombie flick, let alone one that is supposed to be a "remake" of a Romero classic? Then again after watching it, I can see why he's in this... How they got Ving Rhames and Mena Suvari to star in this POS is beyond me too, but then again their careers have slowed down, so I guess it's a gig. The movie itself is just frustrating, poorly acted, and scripted ... Zombies can climb walls? WTF?!? I could rant for days, but the bottom line is that this movie gave me fits. 


  1. I definitely loved Ghosts of Mars. The first time my friends and I watched it we all passed out within the first 15 minutes (it was late, and it is a slow-burning movie). But like all Carpenter picks this kind of pacing is delivered along with excellent story developments.

    Didn't see Day of the Dead, though (I think it was your guys' site that sent me in the opposite direction!)

  2. The Ghosts of Mars totally passed me by, but I'll definitely be giving it a look after reading this.

    Totally agree with you about Day of the Dead... what a slap in the face to an absolute classic of the genre. During the moments that I forgot I was watching what was meant to be a remake of Dawn of the Dead (easy to do), I did giggle at the unintentional hilarity though. When the zombie virus infects the denizens of the hospital, and they all turn into madcap circus performers, its quite amusing -- if not also extremely tragic.