October 19, 2009

Quick Review: Evilution (2008)

This poster is so misleading that it might be illegal. There are no epic battles involving planes, napalm, or even a ton of gun-play in this movie. No, in fact this movie is about an Army guy that steals a zombie drug and hides out in the barrio. Yeah.

A bunch of stereotypical Latino gang members say things like "vato" and "holmes" a lot, the "Zombies" do back flips, ho's do sexy dances, and I fell asleep.  

Sandra Ramirez being absolutely smoking hot may be reason enough to at least fast forward through this one though. That's got to count for something, at least.

Since there are so many movies that we verbally abuse after having to endure them (and for good reason), we thought it fair to come up with at least 5 things that were good or decent about the DO NOT WANT'S of the world. We will use pictures to illustrate said things. So here are 5 positive things about Evilution:

The hotness of Sandra Ramirez.
Random boobs.
Zombie gut-munching.
Eviloution is bad. Not that it totally pissed us off or anything, but it sucked enough that it made us shake our heads a lot. Hardcore zombie fans will probably find something redeeming about this one, but most people will just want their 80 minutes back.

Did we mention the hotness of Sandra Ramirez?

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