October 31, 2009

The Final 31 Days of Horror tally...

Now that The 31 Days of Horror is over, let's take a quick gander at what kinds of movies made up our little countdown. Which country gave us their best, and what kinds of movies sucked the most? Read on...

The Gems
The U.S.- 13
France- 5
Norway- 3
England- 2
Japan- 2
Sweden- 1
Evil Sheep- 1
Spain- 1
Austria- 1
Mean Dogs- 1
Evil Vagina- 1

The U.S. won of course, because we make more movies here per year than probably everyone else put together, so it makes sense by sheer number alone. Nice job to Norway though, because who knew you had it in you?

The Train Wrecks
Crappy Remakes- 10
Crappy Sequels- 5
Uwe Boll- 3
Lame and/or Glittery Vampires- 3
M.Night Shamalylanan- 2
Un-scary "Haunting" Movies- 2
Wes Craven- 2
The Rape of Lovecraft- 1
Painful Musicals- 1
Male Wee-yotches- 1
A Rare Romero Failing- 1

...and Crappy Remakes win! If you combine all of the categories though, crappy PG-13 movies would win hands down... But, if Uwe Boll ever made a PG-13, musical remake of let's say The Lost Boys, using half retarded Emo vampires, the actual fabric of time and reality would unravel itself. Let's pray this never happens.

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