October 17, 2009

The 31 Days of Horror- #15

"Some awesome Nazi zombies, and the first Uwe Boll movie of the countdown rears its ugly head..."

The Hidden Gem:
The Master says:"This movie frigging rocked and it's destined to become a cult classic, if it isn't already. It's not perfect, but it's fun, bloody, interesting, visually breathtaking, fun, and bloody. And fun. Also bloody. Why hasn't the idea of Nazi zombies returning to wreak havoc on the world been thought of before? Ingenious. The only way zombies could be more evil and threatening is if Michael Jackson were to rise from the grave with a hunger for the meat of small children, and his face was all falling apart and stuff, and he looked like a creepy ghoul... oh wait a minute, that actually happened while he was alive. Too soon?"

The Train Wreck:
The Master says:"Aah, video game movies. So many of them have been made, and so, so many of those have truly sucked; Super Mario Brothers, Street Fighter, Double Dragon, Wing Commander... and this craptacular gem from maybe the worst filmmaker of all time, Uwe Boll. What is this guy thinking when he makes a movie? Better yet, how does he get decent actors to continually star in them? Disjointed, stiff, poorly plotted... this one should have been left as a game, and spared us the pain and boredom that it inspired. Poor Christian Slater. Oh, and we will see more of Mr. Uwe Boll on the countdown, and soon..."


  1. I preferred Alone in the Dark. Sure it sucked, but it didn't try to be funny, plus it had Tara Reid, whereas Dead Snow had.. nothing.

  2. Just watched DEAD SNOW.... Fucking loved it. The return of nazi zombies. About time i say. It played itself as a 'comedy horror' at first then it was a horror with comedy moments, then gore fest with the black humor throughout. and it succeeded in my opinion without having to use the "..as funny as Shaun Of The Dead" tag that so many films resort to these days, ok you made a shitty zombie film with your mates using your dads camera and its funny, 'cept it ain't really, but its supposed to be..... grrrr. Shaun was a classic horror with comedy with great respect to the genre as was Dead Snow. A fine balance.
    Plus it had the fit bird fancying the movie geek fat guy and shagging him when he was having a poo. BRILLIANT!
    Thats up there with the bird fingering herself whilst listening to U-Roy on her headphones in Haute Tension.
    Yep, i've been away from films for a while..i shall return, especially when they are this good!