October 10, 2009

The 31 Days of Horror- #22

"A creepy hand-held evil kids flick, and a movie with the worst twist ever..."

The Hidden Gem:
The Master says: A good example of the hand-held sub genre, this is a truly chilling movie. This one made me think as well as pull the covers over my eyes, and the "realism" of it made it that much more disturbing. What exactly is wrong with the kids? I say it's something supernatural, but no matter what it is, their shenanigans are really unsettling. I would have never thought that I could be scared of a window shade, but this movie changed all of that for me. God I hate that scene.

The Train Wreck:
The Master says: ...and the first M.Night Shayamalananan movie hits the countdown! Loving his first three movies to various degrees, I was super geeked for this one when it came out. When I finally saw it, and discovered that the entire thing was a sham, I wanted blood! So the big twist is that they live in the woods because they're scared of car-jackers? Society is scary, so let's dress up as monsters and pretend it's 1436, and run around scaring everyone to death to keep them from wandering too far from the fake-ass village we've built in this nature preserve? Also, let's send our blind daughter on a trek through the woods for medicine, just to keep the sham going... never mind the fact that she could be severely injured or possibly die, because she's fucking blind... What a suck-ass movie. Sadly, M. Night's movies only got worse after this.


  1. I have to slightly disagree with The Master here. The Village was truly a boring film, but the premise was not silly.

    Actually, I would give up a finger to see a movie after Hellstrom's Hive. One that is not US, preferably, since they would cut out all the good parts.

    Utopian societies are the foundation (pun slightly intended :) ) of a lot of good sci-fi and we could surely use more in horror (ex: Wicker Man).

    The Village was a very dull movie, and failed the slow buildup effect it was going for, but the premise... that would have been gold in a good movie.

    And talking about slow buildups and Home Movie, what about The Children?

  2. Ina different movie, I love that premise too... This was a bait and switch though, and I can't abide movies that negate themselves with a twist...

    Except for one that comes later in the top 31...

    And The Children? that comes later too...