October 23, 2009

The 31 Days of Horror- #9

"A disturbing Japanese commentary on society, and Uwe Boll strikes again..."

The Hidden Gem:
The Master says:"A bunch of elementary school kids killing each other off Survivor-style seems like a pretty fun time to me, and quite frankly the way American TV is these days, I'm surprised that a show like this hasn't hit the air yet. This movie does a great job of showing us how audiences will watch any shit that's shoveled at them, and especially if it's low on moral fiber, and high on the things we should be avoiding. Yes, society kinda sucks lately. Brutal, viscous, and disturbing, this ones a thinker and a must see."

The Train Wreck:
The Master says:"Seriously, what is Uwe Boll thinking when he makes a movie? Does he not watch is dailies? Does he elect not to read through the script, and miss seeing how stiff and lame it is? Does he ever sit and watch one of his movies after the fact and say " Man, I need to do better next time?" This is another crappy movie version of a video game that should have stayed in the realm of pixels and bits. WTF happened to Ben Kingsley's career? They guy is an Oscar Winner for Pete's sake, and now he's relegated to this dreck? Michael Madsen too, he used to be so good, but anymore he's painfully bad to watch on screen. This movie hurts to even think about... even more so than Twilight.


  1. Oh, come on! Why pick on BloodRayne? First of all, not matter how ridiculous, the first BloodRayne was not nearly as bad as the sequels. Second of all, it wasn't a horror! It's like categorizing E.T. as horror because it has a plastic puppet in it. And thirdly, it is the last movie in which Kristanna Loken looked hot.

    So not a good choice for a wreck.

  2. It's a vampire movie, and as much horror as Twilight and some other movies that fall into the horror genre. And it deserves its place on the list.

  3. Awwhh... I thought you counted Twilight as a horrible movie...

  4. "Why pick on BloodRayne? " - Uwe Boll is a damn good reason. It was shit!

  5. Yes, this was terrible, but worst than Twilight?!?! No movie with Kristanna Loken and Michelle Rodriguez in it could be worse than Twilight and its pasty sparkley vampires.

  6. I am not a fan of Uwe here, but I do wonder what would happen if he ever did a fantastic movie. I think the world would still treat him as a shitty director and ignore the movie as an anomaly that doesn't make sense.