October 30, 2009

The 31 Days of Horror- #2

The Hidden Gem:

The Master says:"What isn't good about this movie? There are those that will complain that the "Twist" ending ruined the movie, but really, it didn't. Not one bit. This movie is sick, twisted, visceral, tense, and on many levels, even thought provoking. In fact, once you see it, the ending makes the second viewing better, and more challenging. Does the title High Tension refer to sexual tension and repressed desires? Maybe. At the beginning when we hear Marie say "Are we recording?", does that mean she's recalling the events from her point of view, to satisfy herself or to be deceptive? I can't say for sure. No matter what happened, this is a movie that challenges us, and stays with us long after we've seen it. Hate the twist ending or not, this is a spectacular film, and one that horror really needed to be made in the lull of the early 2000's. Bloody, tense, engaging, and ultimately disturbing, this one is a must see."

The Train Wreck:

The Master says: Fine, the original wasn't a perfect movie; the middle dragged something fierce, becoming more of a Police Drama than a Horror film, but for all of that, When a Stranger Calls had possibly (and arguably) two of the best beginning and ending scenes in Horror history. They were actually terrifying. The remake? Two minutes of what made the original great, followed by 90 minutes of being chased around a house by a scary killer. Plenty of cliche's to be had here too; the old cat-jump-scare, the car that won't start, ice machine scares... The legendary "Have you checked the children?" line absolutely goes to waste here. This was just not scary. Not even remotely. A remake like this is exactly why most Horror fans dread remakes; they lose most, if not all, of what made the originals so good/brilliant/classic, and therefore serve no purpose in being remade. This movie, like all others of its ilk, is unforgivable.


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