October 20, 2009

The 31 Days of Horror- #12

A truly original and unsettling monster flick, and another f'ing WB/Abercrombie inspired horror movie..."

The Hidden Gem:
The Master says: The creature in this movie, and the things it does to a human body are a thing of brilliance; The cracking and breaking, the lumbering around with a broken body, in search of its next meal/host... You can only catch quick shots of the creature, but when you do, it more than gets its point across.

is a pretty good effort that manages to deliver some creepy atmosphere and tense moments, complimented by some pretty intense gore effects... not to mention the hotness of Jill Wagner, who can actually act as well.

The Train Wreck:
The Master says: Ok fine, the original Prom Night isn't one of the greatest classic 80's slashers, but it's hell and gone better than this predictable snooze-fest. Another one for the kiddies, this movie is devoid of anything resembling a scare. I did like the hot chicks, but even they weren't enough to save this movie from its own ridiculous and 100% predictable plot. Horror of the 80's was fairly predictable too sometimes, but wasn't there more of a payoff back then? Didn't they actually scare us, or gross us out or something? Making the killer visible and more of a "normal" guy was a big mistake here...


  1. I absolutely loved splinter. What a great concept for a creature feature, and it was packaged in a movie that didn't insult the audience with dumb dialogue and implausible plot twists: for a change.

  2. 100% agreed Purgatori... The film makers, Toby in particular, made a solid movie that didn't make me feel cheated or like an idiot afterwards... Love that movie.