October 13, 2009

Quick Review: Offspring (2009)

I've never read any of Jack Ketchum's novels, but The Girl Next Door and Red were both really great movies that struck a twisted nerve in me.

Offspring is not as good of a film as those, but it was good in its own right. Extremely brutal and gory, Offspring is the story of a bunch of cannibal kids that break into peoples houses, stab them, torture them, kill them, and take their body parts home for food.

The movie had a kind of Hills Have Eyes vibe to it if you will. When I say extremely brutal, I mean it. There is a scene of chew-rape in this movie. Think about those words. Chew-rape. Yeah. That's nasty. This one is definitely for the Gorehounds.

What's in that cookpot?
Most of the characters act as if they are mentally impaired in this movie; aside from the young son who pretty much uses his head and thinks rationally (and actually saves lives), most of their actions made little sense and frustrated me to the point of yelling at them. If you can look past that though, the rest of the movie is fairly fun.

The woman.
Offspiring is a middle of the road type of Horror flick that confounds as much as it entertains. Definitely worth a look-see though, especially for Gorehounds.

*Addendum: Offspiring spawned a sequel called The Woman in 2011, which is every bit as nasty and violent as this one, and maybe even more so. I guess if you watch one, you should watch them both, since they are related.


Offspring is available now on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD.


Pollyanna McIntosh is The Woman in question, and she's pretty hot when she's not all dirtied-up and feral.

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  1. I felt the same way watching it, especially about the mental impairness. If you base your movie/book on the idea that humans can be as wild and ravenous as carnivorous animals, then how can you conclude that civilised Westerns are incapable of more than oh my god and holy crap and crying when they are EATEN ALIVE!? Probably in the book there was also a connection between the last scene where the kid saves the day and the title.
    And how come you said nothing about Pollyanna McIntosh? Is it weird to think of a cannibal as yummy?