October 9, 2009

Next up...

The last batch of movies was pretty decent, although mixed. We didn't review Dark Country, as it was more noir thriller than anything close to horror, but we did like The Thaw and Tormented, and really wanted to like Seventh Moon but it just wouldn't let us. We have all sorts of other treats on the way though, chief amongst them The 31 Days of Horror, and if we're lucky, 2 theatricals this weekend: Zombieland- Due to real life BS, we haven't made it to the show to see this one yet, but that changes this weekend. Paranormal Activity- Due to WB not releasing it wide until today, we haven't see this yet either... but that day is coming too. Doghouse- This looks like a bunch of funny British zombie goodness. Offspring- This looks disturbing, and I'm hoping it is... Also, in an effort to completely rip off the idea of our friend Becky over at The Horror Effect, whom is watching all of the F13th movies this month, I personally got the urge to do the same with the Hellraiser series. I haven't watched these movies in a while, and have never seen a few of the later direct to DVD sequels, so I'm both excited and apprehensive... but all 8 shall be watched. So that's the plan for now although I'm sure there will be a few surprises along the way...


  1. M'hael - have fun with some of those direct-to-video sequels. LOL! They are pretty bad. Like really, really bad.

    If you want, I have one or two that I can send you if you don't have them (Deader and Hellworld). I can't stand to see any blogger friends waste money. Hit me up if you are interested: gcap2719@yahoo.com.

  2. I know, Geof, I'm actually scared to sit through them LOL

  3. I'm interested in the Ghosthouse Underground stuff. I haven't seen any yet, but I've heard some good things.