October 4, 2009

The 31 Days of Horror- #28

"Insane gore, and a trip to summer crap..."

The Hidden Gem:
The Master says: Do you like fountains of blood? Hot Japanese chicks in schoolgirl outfits? A good ole human-chair piss party? Chicks with Alligators for vagina's? Crazy Japanese commercials that Westerners will never understand? Handguns that actually shoot hands? Did I mention the 900 gallons of blood? If so, then you have found the right movie, because it's so crazy that it's crazy cool. TGP is insane and over the top, blood soaked and perverse, and will leave you saying "WTF" out loud; many, many times.

The Train Wreck:
The Master says: A remake of the original would have been easier to stomach than this tepid sequel. It's hard to articulate just how bad this movie was, but the word laughable comes close. Painful works even better.Where the 1983 original and its immediate sequels were bad in their own right, they were at least cheesy and fun and have some sentimental to them... this one is just pointless and shabby, almost like it's making fun of itself. And the twist ending... wow. If you don't see it coming early on, and cringe because of how horribly ridiculous it is, then you might just be slow in the brain.


  1. I actually enjoyed Return to Sleepaway Camp...

    ...sheepishly hides face....

  2. Don't hide Warfreak, I like all sorts of movies that others don't, or that actually suck. This one just really got under my skin.

    I have a copy of Cool as Ice... beat that for bad movies LOL