October 12, 2009

A quick tally...

Now that The 31 Days of Horror has entered the top 20, with 12 movies already accounted for, let's take a quick gander at what kinds of movie are making up our little countdown(Each movie will be added to only one sub-category): The Gems- The U.S.- 8 Norway- 2 Austria- 1 Japan- 1 Where is France? England? Guam?!? The Train Wrecks- Crappy Remakes- 4 Bad Sequels- 5 Hollywood- 2 M.Night Shamalylanan- 1 No Uwe Boll? No Emo vampires? Will M.Night Shanmlanaman appear again? Stay tuned...


  1. Loving it so far!

    BTW Wrong Turn 3 just kicked my ass!!


  2. I'm actually looking forward to Wrong Turn 3, and I don't know why.