May 4, 2016

Random Picture Round Up: May, Week 1

We spend a lot of time here at THC searching for great Screencaps to use in our reviews, for our banners, and for whatever else strikes our fancy. It's not always easy finding the perfect screenshot, but when we do find pictures that make us laugh, say "What the hell?," or are just plain awesome, we save them.

Unfortunately, we never use them all, and so they just sit there in our picture folder, waiting... which is why we decided to start posting them in random groups on a weekly basis!

Every week, we'll take a handful of the coolest, funniest, and maybe even sexiest pics that we come across, gather them into one post, and share them with you. Film is a visual medium, after all, and can you ever really see enough pictures?

  • You can click each pic to find out what movie they're from, if you don't recognize them. the links go to either Amazon, or IMDB, depending. 
  • The movie's titles are also in the file name of the pictures, if you decide to save them to your computer. 
  • I have no clue where I found the last picture, or what movie it's from. Love it though.
  • Enjoy!


  1. What is the last picture on the list? It doesn't show.


    1. Have no idea. Not even Google reverse image search turned up anything. Made note of it up at the top when I posted.