May 8, 2016

Updated: TV Release Dates!
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Sweeps and most of the programs on TV ending; May is a shitty, transitional month for TV lovers. Even so, we've updated our TV Release Dates Page to reflect what's on now, and what's coming soon.

We've got Penny Dreadful and Game of Thrones to carry us through until the Summer shows begin (when we'll get Preacher, Wayward Pines, Scream, Kingdom, and Outcast to occupy our evenings), but just about everything else will be ending over the next few weeks.

*You can check out our full TV Release Dates Page to see everything that's airing now, as well as everything that's coming soon. Mark your calendars!


The next few weeks is all about finales.
Monday brings the end of a pretty solid first season for A&E's Damien.

We liked this show WAY more than we thought we would, and we'll definitely be tuning in next year for Season 2. Good times.


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