May 30, 2016

June's Blu-ray of the Month: 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)
"After surviving a car accident, Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) wakes up to find herself in an underground bunker with two men. Howard (John Goodman) tells her that a massive chemical attack has rendered the air unbreathable, and their only hope of survival is to remain inside. Despite the comforts of home, Howard's controlling and menacing nature makes Michelle want to escape. After taking matters into her own hands, the young woman finally discovers the truth about the outside world."

A lot of mystery surrounded 10 Cloverfield Lane before its release, and although we weren't sure whether it was supposed to be a direct sequel to Cloverfield or not, we went into it with open minds and a healthy sense of curiosity... and we were rewarded with a movie that was a few different things at once, all of them pretty damned good. Read our full review below for out thoughts.

This is exactly the kind of movie that we love to own on Blu-ray, and although the bonus content doesn't look very extensive, we're dying to see how the movie looks on our Home Theater set-ups.

This Blu-ray/DVD Combo also comes with a DigitalHD code, so you could buy one copy of the movie, and hook two friends up with the DVD and Digital versions. That's what we do, anyway.

Special Features:

· Feature film in high definition
· Commentary by director Dan Trachtenberg and producer J.J. Abrams
· Over 30 minutes of Behind-The-Scenes Footage

10 Cloverfield Lane hits stores on June 14th.

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