May 7, 2016

Blu-ray & DVD Releaes for May & June!

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Summer is extremely frigging nigh, and along with the hot days and sweaty nights comes a fantastic crop of new movies on Blu-ray & DVD to cool us off! *Disclaimer: movies can't really cool you off.

Below, you'll find a preview of some of the great Blu-ray & DVD releases heading our way over the next two months. Between now and August, the new Scream Factory releases alone are going to kill our wallets, but hey, that's what being a movie lover (addict) is all about.

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May3EmelieSharkansasSub10BoyDeadpoolScream17CandyWitchSouth24BurbsKillerManhunter31BloodPrideVenomJune713 HoursAbandonedOther1410InvitationSorceress21CrushLadyWave282RaisingReturnBLU FOOT

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