May 1, 2016

Updated: Theatrical Release Dates for May!

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We spend a lot of time watching movies on Blu-ray and VOD these days, as the level of quality that we get from our Home Entertainment systems, along with the number of movies made available to us via streaming services, is just incredible.

There's nothing quite like going to see a new movie on the big screen though, and so it's important for us to keep track of what's coming out at theaters, and when.

May kicks off the Summer Movie Season, and it does so in grand fashion with Captain America: Civil War, which looks fantastic. X-Men: Apocalypse looks alright, but it's the Avengers that we're dying to see, especially with the additions of Black Panther and Spider-Man!

While the bigger tent-pole flicks will definitely rule the May Box Office, there's still plenty of other flicks to choose from, depending on your movie-watching mood. On the Horror front, Darkness is the only Wide Release coming to theaters in May, but there are also Limited Releases like Bite, High-Rise, and What We Become to give us some variety.

So check out our full Theatrical Release Dates page to keep on top of what's coming soon to a theater near you, and be sure to mark your calendars!

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