May 22, 2016

What's New on TV This Week?

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A few shows coming, and a lot of shows going; that's how it goes in TV Land during May. At least the shows that are premiering this week look promising, even if they aren't as plentiful as the ones that are leaving. 

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  • Preacher is the big premiere this week. Based on a critically acclaimed Comic Book, Preacher is about a guy who teams up with a vampire to find God. Basically. It sounds crazy, looks crazy, and we can't wait to check out the premiere tonight. Sunday, 10 P.M on AMC.
  • The 1st season of Wayward Pines was decent enough, though not as good as the books. We're not sure what they're going to do with a 2nd season, as the story from the books ended in Season 1, but we're curious to find out. Wednesday, 9 P.M. on FOX. 
  • Bloodlines returns to Netflix for its 2nd season this Friday, and as good as the 1st was, we're going to be binging this one for sure. Friday, 3 A.M. est on Netflix. 

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Most of the shows leaving this week are nothing we watch, but they're all popular in their own right, so here we are.

We will say that the 2nd Season of Fear The Walking Dead has underwhelmed the hell out of us so far. With such a cool premise, and as much as we love The Walking Dead, I'm really not sure how this spin-off turned into such a bland, unlikable mess, but it has. We keep waiting for it to get better, and we really hope that it does, but as of right now, it's nothing that we'd be sad to see cancelled.

Even though Banshee had its Series Finale two days ago, and mentioning it here is looking backwards, it deserves a quick word or two.

Banshee has been one of the best shows on TV over the past 4 Seasons, and to see it go makes us sad. Few shows we've ever seen made us tune in every week on the dot like Banshee did. It was full of crazy action, crazy sexiness, and it boasted a cast of characters that made us laugh, cry, and say "Holy shit!" on a regular basis. Everyone involved in this show should be proud of the work they did.

If you never caught this excellent series, you can check it out for free on Cinemax On Demand, or Amazon Prime HERE, and you should.

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