May 13, 2016

What's New on VOD This Week? (5/10-5/13)

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Danish zombies; Regency Era zombies; a French Serial Killer; the story of Briar Rose; a bloody class reunion; a haunted cornfield; and Nic Cage as a dirty Cop... Once again, we have a wide variety of movies to choose from on the streaming front this week.

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"Inheriting an ancestral mansion with an ancestral curse, Thomas who is the guardian appointed to keep away evil spirits teams up with a realtor and paranormal cleric to unravel the mystery of the house and awaken Briar Rose."

Critics have not been kind to this Dark Fairytale, but we're curious to see how it plays, train-wreck or not. We're keeping our fingers crossed that it will be bold and fresh, and not convoluted and silly.

Rent it, if you're brave and feel like trying something different.
"Paris, 1991. The true history of Franck Magne who leads a 10 year investigation that exposes a serial killer dubbed The Beast of the Bastille."

This French Serial Killer Drama/Thriller looks like it's going to be right up our alleys. It's based on the true story of the first case in France that was solved using DNA evidence, and it changed the way that Police handled their cases from then on.

It looks great, but be aware that this movie is French Language with English subtitles.

Rent it, because we all need a classy Serial Killer drama in our lives.
"The apocalypse cannot be quarantined. A family unravels during a bloody, berserk summer when a horrifying plague transforms a small town into the flesh-eating walking dead."

The movie we're looking forward to seeing the most this weekend, What We Become is a Danish zombie flick that looks like it's going to deliver on all levels. We'll be watching this one asap.

Rent it, because subtitles are NOT your enemy.

  • The Girl in the Cornfield "Special Edition" looks decent enough for an ultra low-budget effort, especially since it only costs $2.99 to rent. Not sure we'll be watching it though.
  • Most Likely To Die was a decent enough Slasher flick, although it had its issues which irked us. Review coming soon.
  • We didn't dig Pride+Prejudice+Zombies all that much, as it was way too much Pride+Prejudice, and far too little Zombie. Read our review HERE.
  • Trust looks like a fun Cop Thriller. For us, even the bad Nic Cage flicks end up being pretty enjoyable, because Nic Cage is Nic Cage. We'll probably wait catch this one for free on Netflix though.

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