May 19, 2016

May's Blu-ray of the Month: The Witch (2016)
"New England, 1630: William and Katherine lead a devout Christian life, homesteading on the edge of an impassible wilderness, with five children. When their newborn son mysteriously vanishes and their crops fail, the family begins to turn on one another. 'The Witch' is a chilling portrait of a family unraveling within their own fears and anxieties, leaving them prey for an inescapable evil."

The Witch currently sits at 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, and at a healthy 7.1 on IMDB, which is to say that it was a hit with both critic and audiences alike. It certainly is one of our favorite movies of the year so far, and it's one that we can't wait to revisit when it hits Blu-ray. We need some more Black Phillip in our lives!

This release doesn't look as if it's packed with a ton of Bonus Features, but that commentary and that mini-documentary should be fun. Plus, we're hoping that it comes with subtitles, so that we can finally understand everything that was said in the movie.

So check out our full review and/or pre-order it below, and get ready for some witchy goodness!

Special Features:

  • Audio Commentary with Director Robert Eggers
  • The Witch: A Primal Folklore
  • Salem Panel Q&A
  • Design Gallery

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