May 8, 2016

10 Movies For You to Watch on Mother's Day!

Because what mother doesn't want to watch a bunch of gory, disturbing, nasty Horror movies on their special day?

The Horror Genre has given us plenty of compelling and terrifying on-screen Mothers over the years, and the movies that they populate usually tend to makes us appreciate the sane, normal families that we have, a whole hell of a lot more. Some of the Mothers on this list are murdering psychopaths, while others are just loving Moms who are trying to do the best they can by their kids. Either way, you have to admire their maternal instincts and their pluck. All of these ladies certainly have a lot of pluck.

*This is a re-post of our Mother's Day post from May 0f 2015. 

"Come, dear. It'll be easier for you than it was for Jason."
Mother: Pamela Voorhees.
Movie: Friday the 13th (1980)
Her Deal: Is there a better, more loving mother in all of Horror History than Mrs. Voorhees? All she did was love her kid, and tried to give him the best mongoloid life that she could... but then those damned Camp Counselors let the poor boy drown while they were off partying and having sex. Jason couldn't swim, you know.

It's hard for us to blame her for wanting to kill the people who let her baby boy drown, although technically she already did that back in 1958, so all of those kids that she killed 21 years later really didn't have it coming... but hey, she told them not to re-open the camp. They should have listened.

This Mother's love (and insanity) kick-started the biggest and most recognizable franchises in Horror movie history, and of course turned Jason into a Worldwide Icon. For that, we'll always love Pamela Voorhees.

"Oh, Michael!"
Mother: Evelyn.
Movie: Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror (1981)
Her Deal: When Evelyn's creepy, CREEPY son, Michael, becomes afraid of the Zombie Apocalypse going on around them, she tries to comfort him, like any good Mother would. When Michael starts to kiss his Mother, fondle her bare breasts, and then tries to digitally penetrate her (you know what we mean), she slaps him, and he runs off... but until his hand went for her panties, she was totally letting him molest her. Letting him! Who does that?!?

Later, when Michael has become a zombie, he once again beings to grope his Mother, and he ends up eating her breast, in a horrible breastfeeding-gone-wrong incident.

Still, after all of these years, this creepy Mother-Son duo gives us the willies.

"She's teething."
Mother: Madeline Matheson.
Movie: Grace (2009)
Her Deal: After her unborn baby dies in her womb, heartbroken Mother Madeline decides to carry it to term anyhow. It's really a sad state of affairs, and as creepy as the idea of giving birth to a dead baby is, we can understand her reasons for doing it... of course when little Grace is somehow born alive, which basically makes it a zombie baby, all of our understanding goes out of the window.

As Grace grows, it becomes apparent that there's something not quite right about her. For one, it's odd that she's alive, since she died in the womb weeks ago. Add to that the fact that she attracts flies, she smells like rot, and that Madeline has to feed her bottles full of blood, and we're pretty sure that it would have been better off had the baby just stayed dead.

This movie is really a testament to the undying love that a Mother has for her baby, and Madeline shows us that nothing, not even her own baby taking chunks of flesh out of her breast, can ever change that love.

"Should I be jealous?"
Mother: Mary Brady.
Movie: Sleepwalkers (1992)
Her Deal: Well, her deal is that she and her son are shape-shifters that survive by feeding off of the life force of virgin girls. That's certainly different than the life that we know as Humans, but hey, it doesn't sound all that bad, really.

The creepy thing about it though, aside from the murder and such, is that she and her son have an incredibly close bond... so close in fact, that they are lovers. Now, they're technically animals (of a sort), and maybe incest is something that is fine in the animal kingdom (not sure on that one), but to we Humans, it's just creepy.

She'll do anything to make her son happy, but you know, the whole "making passionate love with him" thing might be going just a bit too far. No wonder cats hate them!

"Playtime is over."
Mother: Mom.
Movie: Baby Blues (2008)
Her Deal: Mom has postpartum depression. She and her family live on a secluded farm, Dad is a trucker who is always gone, and she just can't take having to raise the kids alone anymore. One day she snaps, killing her baby, and then sets out to kill her three older kids. Which she does.

Watching a Mother stalk and kill her kids, especially in the way that it happens in this movie, is really, really disturbing. Even one of our own here at THC couldn't finish watching the movie once that nasty business began. She's a Mom, and it was just too much for her to take.

If you're looking for a movie that will legitimately leave you feeling numb, then look no further than Baby Blues.

"I'm proud of my boys. They never forget their momma."
Mother: Mother Koffin.
Movie: Mother's Day (2010)
Her Deal: Mother Koffin is just a woman who wants what's best for her babies. Sure, she might let them steal, rape, and murder as they see fit, but that doesn't mean that she didn't raise them right; no, her boys have manners... even if they are little savages sometimes.

Aside from keeping her boys safe, all Mother Koffin really wants is the money that has been pilfered from them by a couple living in their old house, which seems reasonable to us. Had they just given her the money, she and her family would have been on their way, and no one would have had to die.

She really didn't do anything wrong. Well, not until she had to, anyhow.

"I'm in the middle of a strange adventure."
Mother: Nola Carveth.
Movie: The Brood (1979)
Her Deal: Nola Carveth is a crazy woman who is undergoing an experimental new form of therapy called Psychoplasmics, in which patients are encouraged to "let go" of their emotional issues, which causes their bodies to change in odd ways. The problem is that this radical new therapy not only changes Nola's body, but causes her to give birth to a bunch of mutant children through an external womb. These children, her Brood, are emotionally linked to her, and whenever she gets mad, they kill. Since she's embroiled in a nasty custody battle with her husband over their daughter, Candice, Mom is mad a lot, and things don't go well for any of them.

This movie is not only a horrific masterpiece, but Samantha Eggar's performance as Nola is pretty chilling, and her terror tykes are the things of nightmares.

This is one Mother that you don't want to piss off, especially if you don't want to be torn apart by a gang of Mongoloid whelps.

"It's always been you and me. We belong to each other."
Mother: Norma Bates.
Movie: Bates Motel (2013-Present)
Her Deal: Out of all of the Mothers on this list, Norma Bates is probably the most normal, and that's saying something. She loves her son, probably a bit too much (as there are all sorts of incestuous over and undertones between them), and everything that she does (including murder) is meant to protect him.

Of course he's a psychopath, and a burgeoning Serial Killer, but she doesn't care. As long as he stays away from whores, that is, because she's creepily jealous of him getting close to any woman other than her.

She may be her own special kind of crazy, but it's kinda tough to completely loathe her, since Vera Farmiga is so damned likable. And hot.

"I want one."
Mother: Sarah and La Femme.
Movie: Inside (2007)
Their Deal: After a car accident leaves her husband dead, Sarah is alone, depressed, and about to give birth. As she prepares to leave for the Hospital the next morning, a strange woman comes to the door asking to use the phone. When Sarah says no, the woman (La Femme) decides that she wants Sarah's unborn baby instead, and she's got the scissors to make that happen, so...

So basically, you have one soon-to-be Mother who is fighting to keep her unborn baby safe from a madwoman, and a wanna-be Mother who is trying get a baby of her own, because she's insane, and apparently has a lot of love to give.

Inside might be one of the most brutal movies that we've ever seen, and it's definitely the most brutal battle between two Mothers that has ever been captured on film. I can't imagine that most women, especially Mothers, will have an easy time watching this one, so it's probably best to just get your Mom flowers or something instead.

"One sound down here and I promise I'll kill the both of you. Not just punish you, kill you. Dead."
Mother: Ruth Chandler.
Movie: Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door (2007)
Her Deal: This bitch right here...

The Girl Next Door is a pretty rough movie to stomach. It involves two young girls being sent to live with their Aunt after their parents die. Being that Aunt Ruth is a sadistic psychopath, it's not long before she begins verbally abusing the girls, and letting her own sons beat, burn, torture, and rape them.

This movie -and no hyperbole here- is one of the most disturbing things that we've ever had to sit through, and Ruth is one of the most deplorable characters ever created.

The worst part of it all is that it's based on a true story, as in "this shit really happened." Another 2007 movie, An American Crime, is also based on the real-life case, but not Ketchum's book. Both are fucking horrifying, and both should make you appreciate the normal Moms (or even Aunts) that you have, even more than you do now.

As if 10 Horror Movie Mothers that will give you maternal nightmares weren't enough to begin with, here are a few more notable Movie Matrons for you to enjoy.

*Be sure to click the pics for info on their movies.

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