December 28, 2015

The Horror Hotties of 2015!

There never seems to be a shortage of gorgeous women in the Movies & TV Shows that we love, and for that, we are truly thankful.

Any woman that stars in a Horror flick goes through hell, and that's just a fact. They get murdered, raped, stalked, possessed, and terrorized. They get beat, cut, stabbed, decapitated, disemboweled, hung, burned, and broken. They get covered in blood, vomit, and plenty of other unsavory substances.

And though it all, THEY LOOK GOOD DOING IT

The bottom line is that while we may tend to talk about their boobs and butts an awful lot, we truly realize that Horror movies simply couldn't exist without the talented and dedicated ladies that star in them. They make the dark and bloody fictional worlds that we love a bit more easy to endure, with their beauty and talent alike, and plus they usually run around in skimpy outfits (or nothing at all), which is pretty nice too.

So let us take a look at the Horror Hotties of 2015 that had the biggest impact on us. We've listed them A-Z so as to avoid any sort of ranking controversy... because feminism, or something.

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*The phrase "Don't judge us" should just be implied for every comment that we're about to make in this post, because we really don't want to have to type it twelve different times.

Starred in: The Curse of Downers Grove (Review.) She's had small parts in Acolytes and Dark Shadows, but it wasn't until this year that we took notice of this pretty little Bella. Downers Grove may not be the best movie, but Bella Heathcote is one of the cutest Aussie actresses in Hollywood, and she made the whole thing more bearable just by being on-screen. Next year, she'll be starring in The Neon Demon and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, so we'll be get to ogle her even more. *In a non-creepy way, of course.

Starred inScream Queens. As silly as Scream Queens was, it was also pretty damned funny and inappropriate, and Emma Roberts was the main reason that it worked as well as it did. She plays slutty, sassy, and crazy extremely well, and the fact that she's sexy (and probably slutty, sassy, and crazy in real life), just makes us love her all the more. She's definitely given us a thing for bad girls, which tells you how easily we're influenced by a pretty face. We're not proud of it.

Starred in: Sweet Home (Review.) We don't know all that much about this sexy Swedish bombshell, but then again, what do we really need to know about her? She was good in Sweet Home, she's hotter than Georgia asphalt, and she's been naked on film before, so again, what else do we need to know? I mean, just look at that picture above; she's pointing at the part we're most curious about. She knows what we like.

Starred in: Deathgasm (Review.) This Kiwi babe impressed the hell out of us in Deathgasm; not only because she's talented, but because she's crazy hot, and has that sexy New Zealand accent thing going on as well. Also, the scene where she was licking an ice cream cone while wearing knee-high socks really made us think "We sure wish we were ice cream."

Starred in: Horsehead (Review.) The fact that she's got the face of an angel aside, it was probably the bathtub scene in Horsehead that made us realize how special Lilly-Fleur Pointeaux was; soaped-up, naked, vulnerable, having a little bit of lesbian sex... yeah, we became fans of hers real quick. We just love free-spirited French actresses, I guess.

Starred in: The Green Inferno (Review), Knock Knock (Review), The Stranger. Eli Roth has got himself a hot wife who has no problem slutting it up on film, and we're just thankful that he likes to share her with the world, especially the way he did in Knock Knock; her sexy, Chilean ass tussling around all naked with Ana de Armas' sexy, Cuban ass, made us forgive the fact that Keanu Reeves' not sexy, lanky ass was right in the middle of them. Now that's talent.

Starred in: The Barber, The Vatican Tapes, Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (Review.) We know that there's far more to being an actress than having a cute face, big tits, and a tight ass, but have you seen this girl? She's so hot and curvy that it's distracting. For a while during Paranormal Activity: The Shit Dimension, we were actually convinced that she had demons living in her tank top. *We were right, by the way.  

Starred in: The Editor (Review.) She's only starred in two movies, but Canadian QT Sammy Hill is a force to be reckoned with. We're pretty sure that her first love is theater, which we think is selfish because we want to see her in more movies, so we're not sure when (or if) we'll be seeing her in anything like The Editor again any time soon. No matter what path her career does take, she's as cute as a kitten and a puppy cuddling with a baby, and we might love her.

Starred in: Pernicious (Review), Sun Choke, Shark Lake, Scouts Guide To the Zombie Apocalypse (Review.) This Thai-English goddess is so hot, that we don't even care that many of the movies that she's in are fairly horrible; we'll see her in anything. We even watched The Asylum's shitty women in prison movie, Jailbait, on Netflix, just to see how naked she got... and it was no mean feat getting through that horrid movie. *For the record, she got really naked in Jailbait, which caused us to run out of butter and pass out 3 times while watching it. Don't ask.

Starred in: Reckless (Review.) Another Sarah that made our loins cry havoc in 2015, this Dutch mynx makes us want to move to Amsterdam on the off-chance that we'd run into her on the street, gape like fools, and run away crying because she didn't even notice us. Which would probably happen.

Starred in: Scouts Guide To the Zombie Apocalypse (Review.) The third Sarah on our list not only kicked ass in Scouts Guide, but she wears a tank top convincingly well too. Hopefully, some sort of lesbian vampire movie is next up for her, because she'd probably be great in something like that. 

Starred in: Everlasting (Review.) And finally we have Valentina de Angelis; the gorgeous, sexy girl that simultaneously broke our hearts and made us fall madly in love with her in Everlasting. She may have also been in various stages of undress, and acting all kinds of sexy, throughout the movie, but we can't remember that stuff... because we're not shallow like that! *Heh.

There were plenty of other lovely ladies that entertained & ensorcelled us in 2015, and we have to highlight at least a few more of them here. They definitely deserve some love.

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  1. Fantastic list J.S. I think you missed one - Ana de Armas certainly belongs on there!

    1. Ana de Armas belongs on every list! Decided to leave her out because we've featured her before, and many of the other laides, we hadn't.

      this lsit could have been a Top 50, easily :)