December 30, 2015

The Best Genre Movies of 2015!

As much as we adore our beloved Horror Genre, there are other types of movies that we need to be a part of our repertoire, because things just can't be all Horror, all the time. Sometimes we just want to see a good Sci-Fi, Action, Thriller, Mystery, or Comic Book movie, and luckily for us, there are plenty of good ones that come out every year, the world over.

The movies below are basically the best Non-Horror movies that we saw in 2015.

  • Sci-Fi, Action, Thriller, Mystery, and Comic Book flicks only.
  • No Drama, no Comedy.
  • We've included 5 "Dishonorable Mentions" at the bottom.

We were skeptical about this movie from the start; it's about a lesser-known hero; the direction of the movie caused Edgar Wright (he was originally set to write and direct it) and Disney to part ways on less than amicable terms; and it was the first MCU solo movie to feature someone who wasn't a part of The Avengers.

To put it lightly, it looked a risky venture for Marvel.

As risky as it may have been though, Ant-Man ended up being a fun, funny, and exciting addition to the MCU. Much like Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man was immensely enjoyable, mainly because it blended humor and Superhero action together so well. We'll be anxiously awaiting the sequel for this one.

When we were sent a screener of Everlasting back in September, we had no idea what to expect. It was a smaller movie, it had a relatively unknown cast, and sometimes those movies just don't turn out so great. This Dramatic Thriller though somehow managed to pluck our heartstrings, and left quite an impression on us. It's one of the best Indie movies that we've seen this year. Check out our review for the full scoop.

One of the best pure Sci-Fi movies in recent memory, Ex Machina blew us away. Oscar Isaac is brilliant in this one (I personally think he's this generation's Pacino), and Alicia Vikander is too sexy for words. Check out our review below for the full scoop.

We've talked about this movie to anyone who will listen, since we saw it back in May, because it's brilliant. Bloody brilliant, even.

We'll be honest and say that this movie is less of a Mad Max story, and more of a tale of Furiosa, but Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron made for one hell of an ass-kicking duo, no matter whose story it truly was. Check out our review below for the full scoop.

Another excellent Sci-Fi movie, we were surprised at how funny The Martian was; we expected this one to be intense, action-packed, and maybe even emotional... but funny? At 78, Ridley Scott still knows how to make enjoyable movies on an epic scale, and this one is definitely that.

We've always loved the Mission: Impossible movies, but with the last two, it seems as it Cruise and Co. have kicked them selves into an insanely higher gear, and turned them into nothing short of breathtaking spectacles. That plane scene pictured above is a perfect example of that.

You just can't bruise the Cruise.

Sicario was a great Crime Thriller in general, but what truly elevated it to "best of the year" status was the performance of Benicio del Toro; he plays a creepy, terrifying, bad-ass hitman who owned every second that he was on-screen... and even a few of them when he wasn't.

There had better be an Oscar nod for him when Awards Season comes around, or there is no justice.  

I know, it's a straight-up Drama, and I said that we wouldn't cover any of those here, but Straight Outta Compton was so damned good that I had to give it a shout out.

If you grew up in the 80's like we did, then you know just how big N.W.A. was, and how important they were to music. At least Hip-Hop. Watching this movie was like looking back in time, and reliving those days all over again. Excellent movie, excellent cast, and an absolute killer soundtrack.

Oh man, this movie....

We expected These Final Hours to be an interesting Pre-Apocalyptic Thriller, but we did not expect it to fuck with our heads the way that it did. It's a simple story about a guy looking after a little girl during the last hours of humanity, but it's also about something far deeper. All we'll say is that the ending left us in shreds. Fucking shreds.

Excellent film.

There were a lot of Foreign Thrillers that captured our interest in 2015, but few did it as well as The Treatment did. This Belgian story of a frazzled Cop on the hunt for a child killer played with just about every emotional string that we've got; it's not an easy watch, and it's the kind of movie that sticks with you long after the credits have rolled.

If you like bleak, gritty Crime Thrillers, then you should definitely seek this one out.

Avengers: Age of Ultron, Creed, Faults, The Hateful Eight, Jurassic World, Kingsman, Reckless, Spectre, and White God were all great movies in their own right, and also deserve a shout out.

Yeah, the following movies either disappointed us, pissed us off, or both. Mostly both.

What Fox was thinking with this half-assed, ill-conceived reboot of one of Marvel's biggest and most beloved Comic Properties, we'll never know, but holy shit was it ever a mess. FF is 80 minutes of lame, tedious origin (most of which was mishandled horribly), followed by 20 minutes or so of the lamest battle we've ever seen in a Comic Book movie. The fact that they made Dr. Doom, one of the best villains that Marvel ever created, into a Moody emo hacker for this pile of shit, is inexcusable.

The biggest movie on the planet this year, an most likely all-time when all is said and done, The Force Awakens was a bit of a disappointment to us, and me in particular. It was good, and it had some cool scenes and all, but it felt over-sanitized and bland to me. It honestly felt a lot like A New Hope, story-wise and all. Like a re-telling of it, even.

I could write a thesis paper on the issues that this movie had, but who cares what I have to say; Disney and all involved are going to make BILLIONS from TFA, its sequels, and the merchandising. Which was the whole point from the beginning.


Channing Tatum should never headline anything, ever.

Alright, Hollywood, we've had enough of the "Strong female teenager finding both love and changing the world in a dystopian future" bullshit. Please stop, or at least start making the movies better.

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