December 28, 2015

The Best Blu-ray Releases of 2015!

Were addicted to Blu-rays. We admit it.

There's no better way to watch a movie that you love, than to watch it on Blu-ray. For us, that mantra is twice as true when it comes to the Horror films that we love, especially those of the older variety. Fortunately for us, companies like Scream Factory, Synapse, Twilight Time, Severin, Grindhouse Releasing, and many others, are always working their asses off to give we fans the best possible editions of the movies that we love, which almost always feature gorgeous new transfers, crisp audio tracks, fantastic commentaries, and abundant Special Features.

They don't just throw a movie on a disc and ship it out; they actually care about the films that they restore and release, and more importantly, they care about the fans getting maximum enjoyment out of them. Everyone involved in producing the Blu-ray discs listed below deserves a solid round of applause for not only giving Horror fans so many great titles in 2015, but for making them the best releases that they possible could.

Below you'll find what for us were The Best Horror & Genre Blu-ray releases of 2015. If you've yet to discover them for yourselves, you really should do so when possible, because this year has given us some truly outstanding Home Video releases.

*And as always, click the pics for info on the flicks. Or to order them.
The one disc of 2015 that we coveted the most before its release (which was delayed a few times), is Grindhouse Releasing's fantastic Special Edition of the Lucio Fulci classic, The Beyond. The picture quality of this disc isn't as perfect as it could be here, but it's so jam-packed with awesome Bonus Features, that the slight lack of video quality doesn't bother us much at all. *It looks really good in most places, so don't panic.

We love the hell out of this movie, and it's now one of the favorites of our collection. As far as we're concerned, The Beyond is a Must Own for all Horror fans.
Our favorite David Cronenberg movie, The Brood has long been at the top of our Blu-ray Wish List. This Criterion Collection Special Edition feels nearly perfect to us in every way; not only is the movie brilliant, but the the video and audio (which are both sourced from a 2K restoration of the film) are pristine, and it's got more than enough extras to satisfy even us.

This is a damn solid disc, and is another one that every Horror lover should own.
Another classic Horror movie from the 70's, and another fantastic Criterion Collection release, Don't Look Now is probably a better overall Blu-ray release that The Brood is. This excellent disc boasts a beautiful 4K scan; an even more impressive lossless audio track; and a large selection on Special Features to feast on.

Another excellent disc, another Must Own.
For years, this 90's classic was only available as a shoddy, sub-par Blu-ray release that underwhelmed with its poor video transfer. Now, Sony has finally given the film the treatment it deserves with this Supreme Cinema Series release. The movie looks and sounds gorgeous, and it boasts plenty of new and old supplements to enjoy. It has never looked better on Home Video.

One of our favorite 90's Horror movies, this disc is a treat in every way.
Another of our favorite flicks that was previously only available in a crappy Blu-ray version until now, Scream Factory has given Escape From New York the Collector's Edition treatment, and we are thrilled. The video isn't perfect (many people say that there are noticeable inconsistencies with the picture throughout), but for average fans like us who love the hell out of this movie, we really didn't notice what all of the fuss was about.

Whatever the debate amongst video purists, we love this movie, and we love this disc.
One of the best TV Shows of all-time, and thusly, one of our absolute favorites, this Complete Series collection of Justified is as Must Own as it gets for us, at least on the TV front. The series has its highs and lows (mostly highs), but very few shows have given us as much entertainment as Justified has, and it will most likely be getting a yearly spin in our Blu-ray players.

And it comes with an awesome flask.
Mad Max: Fury Road was not only one of the best movies of 2015, but it may just also be the best looking Blu-ray of the year as well. This massively entertaining flick arrived on Blu-ray in pristine form; the audio and video are just stunning, and it makes for one hell of a watch on a nice HD set-up. Great movie, gorgeous transfer.

If you haven't seen Fury Road yet, you're missing out.
Yet another 90's classic, this Tales From the Crypt movie is not only the best thing that The Cryptkeeper ever gave us, but one of our favorite Horror flicks of the last two decades. Scream Factory has done it again, by giving us another beloved movie from our youth, and turning it into a slick, Special Feature-packed Collector's Edition Blu-ray.

Thanks, Scream Factory.
Each year, when the latest season of The Walking Dead is released on Blu-ray, they also release a Limited Edition Collector's Set that boasts a cool package that always makes us geek out a little. The one above is probably our favorite out of all of them. We also really dig the Digibook packaging that the actual discs are housed in.

Bottom line is that it's a bit pricey, but man does that thing look good sitting next to the TV.
There were some really great Horror Comedies released in 2015, but the one that we keep re-watching more than any of the others is What We Do In the Shadows. This isn't a technical marvel of a disc by any stretch, but as far as re-playability goes, it's one of the best that we've bought this year.

There were plenty of other worthwhile titles released on Blu-ray in 2015, and here are the ones that we loved the most.


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