December 3, 2015

Updated: Theatrical Release Dates!
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With The Holiday Season in full swing, and Winter almost upon us, we're going to need some movies to go and see (to get the excessive droning Christmas Carols out of our heads), and there are plenty of options for we Horror & Genre fans to help us survive the post-Halloween drought.

  • December: As far as theatrical releases go, December is going to be all about Star Wars. For us, it's going to be about Krampus too, but let's face it; Star Wars is a phenomenon like few others, and that movie is going to make close to $3 Billion Worldwide. The Hateful Eight is on our Must See list too.
  • January: The first month of the new year tends to be Hollywood's dumping ground for smaller movies, Genre films, and for movies that they expect to bomb, which means that we usually get a few decent Horror movies to check out on the big screen. With The Forest, The Boy, Jeruzalem, and the Martyrs remake, we may be in for an entertaining month as Horror fans. 
  • February: The second month of the year isn't usually much better on the theatrical landscape, but as Genre fans, we've got Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Deadpool, Regression, Triple 9, and especially The Witch (which looks fantastic) to look forward to.  

Check out the small preview below, but be sure to head over to our full Theatrical Release Dates page for info on all of the movies hitting the big screen over the next few months, and be sure to put aside some money for popcorn and snacks. It ain't cheap these days.

DecemberKrampusStarDec 18 VOD LIMDec 4 VOD LIMHateful[3]Revenant[3]JanForest5thBoyJan 22 VOD LIMJan 22 VOD LIMm170 x 250FebruaryPrideRegressionDeadpoolJan 15 VOD LIMTripleWitch


  1. Saw Krampus yesterday and thought it was absolutely brilliant, cannot wait to watch it again. As for the rest, Star Wars (for obvious reasons), The Hateful Eight (gotta love QT), The Revenant, The Forest, The Fifth Wave, The Boy, Pride, Prejudice & Zombies (huge fan of the book), Regression, Deadpool, Triple Nine, and The Witch are all in my must see list. And I may at some point watch Martyrs just out of morbid curiosity.

  2. Your Must See list sounds just like ours, but we haven't seen Krampus yet. Glad it was great!

  3. Not all on this list are worthy.

  4. Krampus is a dream that turns out to be real. Like The Polar Express.