December 22, 2015

Horror Shorts: Here Are Some Christmas Shorts & Scenes to Put Some Holiday Fear Into You!

The Internet is peppered with all kinds of Short Horror Films. Some are great, some are horrible, while most of them end up being decent-enough for a few minute watch. Browsing around on YouTube last night, I came across a short called The Winter Stalker (below), which made me then look for more Christmas-themed Horror Shorts, clips, and scenes. An hour later, I was like what the hell just happened?

A lot of what I found wasn't great, but there were some fun and creative ones, and I've gathered a few of them here for you to check out. 3 shorts and 4 clips to be exact.

After all, a little extra Christmas Un-Cheer is always welcome, right? 

Santa: You know, in some parts of the world, the legend of Santa Claus originally painted him as a vengeful bastard who exists only to punish the wicked. Which is why we're always nice.

Treevenge: Not sure why we like this one (because it's kinda silly), but watching killer Christmas Trees revolt against the people who cut them down, and then eat them, just feels right to us. Good times.

The Winter Stalker: Short and sweet, this tale of the darker side of Santa Claus is a lot of fun. Would have been nice if it had been a bit longer though.

Seasons of Belief: This episode of Tales From the Darkside has somehow always managed to be able to get under our skin. The Grither song is creepy as hell,  and the ending is wickedly un-PC; not to mention that the title, Seasons of Belief, just sounds like the perfect Christmas Horror title to us... and we cant explain why. Watching this old episode is one of our yearly rituals when it comes to Christmas Horror. *Part 2 can be seen on Youtube as well. 

The Best of Santa's Slay: Whoever put this little compilation together is alright with us, because watching Bill Goldgberg playing a murderous Santa Claus is really, really bad in the every best of ways.

...And All Through the House (movie): This short story is the reason why we love the Tales From the Crypt (1972) movie so much: Joan Collins is smoking hot; homeless Santa is terrifying; and it sets a creepy, bleak mood that absolutely make us fear The Holidays. Great stuff.

...And All Through the House (TV): And finally we have the TV version of ...And All Through the House, which gave us all kinds of frights when we were kids, but in a very fun way. Plus, The Cryptkeeper makes for one hell of a cool Santa. This makes us nostalgia in a big way.


  1. Some good ones there.

    Here's a link to a classic from Oz. In a strange way it cuts to the "true meaning" of the season. Seriously - 7 minutes long but really rich.

  2. Treevenge was fantastic! Love the casio-tastic remix of the Cannibal Holocaust theme. And was that J-Rock & Sarah from Trailer Park Boys? Yes it was :)

  3. Um in that Grither short movie, is just me or is that hot piece of ass with that old guy seem very off putting? Like gross incest. Took me right out of the story.

    1. Never really though about it like that, but you make a good point lol