December 29, 2015

Blu-ray & DVD: The Digital Dread Report for 12/29

This is the last Digital Dread Report of 2015, and it's hard to believe that they year is over already. Doesn't it just bring a tear to your eye?

The at least year ends with a few strong titles on Blu-ray and DVD, though overall, it's another light week on the release front. Here's looking forward to a much stronger January.

*As always, be sure to click the pics to order yourself some flicks, or watch their trailers.
"Newly restored from the original camera negative and presented here in its original, uncut Italian form, this dual-format release allows fans to see Blood and Black Lace afresh and offers newcomers the ideal introduction to a major piece of cult filmmaking."

One of Mario Bava's best movies, and one of the earliest and best Gialli ever made, Blood and Black Lace is finally coming to North American Blu-ray thanks to Arrow Video. We dying to see what Arrow did with this movie, and more importantly, to experience this fantastic Giallo once again.
When a group of cannibal savages kidnaps settlers from the small town of Bright Hope, an unlikely team of gunslingers, led by Sheriff Franklin Hunt (Kurt Russell), sets out to bring them home. But their enemy is more ruthless than anyone could have imagined, putting their mission – and survival itself – in serious jeopardy.

I think to truly enjoy this movie, you have to really enjoy Westerns. There's an awful lot of moseying down the trail in this one, and while some of it can seem a bit "uneventful," it's the interaction between the characters that make it all worthwhile. Plus, the bloody deaths at the end were pretty great too.

Bone Tomahawk is a tiny little movie that cost about $1.8 million to make, so it's safe to assume that no one got a huge payday on this one. This is exactly the kind of little movie that needs and deserves our support however, so if it sounds like something that you'd dig, then don't hesitate to support it.  It's Kurt Russell hunting cannibals in the old west, for Pete's sake!

There are only three noteworthy tiles seeing release this week, and at least one of them is a Must Own. Or at least a Must Watch.

  • The critics weren't kind to Agent 47, and we don't really have a burning desire to see it, but we do love Homeland's Rupert Friend (who plays the title role), so we'll probably give it a go at some point.
  • Ray Donovan is one of the best shows on TV, and if you haven't seen it yet, you really should give it a shot. Probably start with Season 1 though, or else you might be a bit confused.
  • Finally this week, we have Some Kind of Hate, which was more of a mess than anything. Spend your money elsewhere, and if you really want to see it, then give it a rent before you buy.

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