December 14, 2015

THC's Horror Lovers Gift Guide Part 2: Blu-ray & DVD (Non-Horror)!

There are still 12 shopping days until Christmas, and for those of you who prefer to order your gifts online, you have until Tuesday, December 22nd to order them and have them safely shipped to your house... provided you take advantage of Amazon's Free 2-Day Shipping.

If you aren't an Amazon Prime member yet, try it for free by clicking the link below.

The one thing that any movie lover wants for Christmas is movies. If you want the best bang for your buck, here are some of the best of then Non-Horror movies that have been released in 2015:



  1. Which sounds better as a fan club name... The Elites or The Nobles or Royallife? Or anyother suggestion
    The Vip Fan Program

    1. They all sound pretty good, but The Elites probably sounds less formal? Depends on what you're going for, I suppose.

  2. Your shopping guides seem to be little more than a random list of blurays that you only throw together in hopes of getting people to order through your site. I understand websites have to do this but how about putting more thought into it?

    1. I agree 100%, but on Dec. 9th, Windows Live Writer went down and stopped working with Blogger. Without that tool, I can't format lists and do margins etc... on Release Date Lists and the like.

      I have an entire folder sitting here on the computer that wae pre-formatted to make a whole new list of cool things... and I can't use it.

      I only did this because there are some people who have loved the lsits we do (thata re formatted like this), and they've requested that we keep doing them.

      Hopefully Live Writer will be fixed asap, and until then, I will do what I can in a different way (i.e. bigger size.)

      And for the record, I never just post things to get people to buy through us. If they want to do so, that's great, but this website will never be used for overt commerce.

      Just wanted you to know.