December 15, 2013

The 2012 Review Archive

2012 archive 500
We reviewed 99+ movies in 2012, and here they are all gathered together in one place, for your ease-of-use browsing pelasure!

You're welcome.

2 headed GPabe Dagression Balex DNWamber DNWamityville DNWapartment Capparition DNWarea DNWatm Davengers A awakening Bbait DNWbattleship C-bay C-beneath Dbigfoot C-cabin A cassadaga B chernobyl Dcitadel Ccollection B 170dark knight Ademons C-descendents D-detention DNWdevil Ddivide C dont Ddredd Aevidence Bexcision Cexpendables Bfactory C god Agone Cgrey Agrey C-hell Bhike Chouse D hunger Ainkubus D innkeepers Binsight C intruders C kill B killer GPkiller A-knock DNWlivide Blooper Blovely B-mad GPman Bmonsters DNWmoth Cnail C nazis DNWnazis2 DNWnever A oregonian DNWoutpost Cpact B Paranormal Dparanormal D piranha DNWplay Dpossession Bprometheus B rabies B raid A rec D red C Reident C road C room2 C silence Bsilent Csilent B sinister A-skin Asleeper Csmiley DNWsnow B solomon C swim GPtall B tapes DNWtransit D troll GPtwixt Cunderworld C-urban C vhs Bvictim Cwicker D woman Awrong D170 x 284170 x 284MAIN

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