December 29, 2013

Before we get to our Best & Worst of 2013, a little bit of Full Disclosure…

Before we get into the movies of 2013 that we loved, the one's we hated, and the ones that really didn't move us either way, we have to give mention to the ones that we didn't even see.

I know, how dare we not see every Horror & Genre-related flick that came out over the past 12 months, because who do we think we are?

Busy, overwhelmed, forgetful, lazy, disinterested, far too dissmissive... oh, we are all of those things and more!

Bottom line is, life just gets in the way, and we can't sit and watch everything.

The flicks below are what we consider to be the higher tier movies of 2013 that we did not get a chance to see. We're pretty sure that some of them would have gravitated towards the "Best" list if we had, but who can say. Maybe some of them really suck. Gallowwalkers, we're looking at you!

Either way, we just wanted to let you know what we haven't seen, in case you were all like "...but what about this one, or that one!" See how considerate we are?

*We’re also not going to be including any movies that we’ve seen this year that will not have a proper Theatrical/Home Video/VOD release until 2014; we really hate when movie sites do that, mainly because it’s a big tease and feels really disingenuous.

Now, let's get busy on the Year End festivities!

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  1. I have not seen everything on this list. But just wanted to point out how much I enjoyed Rosie Day's performance in 'The Seasoning House'. Parts of the movie were pretty brutal and sometimes tough to sit through. But Ms. Day worked it and put out a powerful performance. She is young and I believe that her future will be filled with many more strong performance; hopefully some will be in the horror/genre scene. Sean Pertwee also gives his all as the most despicable human being on Earth (tied for 1st with a whole bunch of other A-Holes I am afraid). But if I remember correct, THC already realizes that Mr. Pertwee is BOSS. Highly recommend a viewing, if one can stomach a few barbaric unconsented sex (AKA brutal rape) scenes; one perpetrated by a guy who could probably take He-Man in a wrestling match. Make no mistake, this is a messy movie and unapologetic about the contents of its theme. It is about human trafficking and sex slave trade after all.
    Also I really enjoyed 'Byzantium'. Saoirse Ronan is one hell of an actress and Gemma Arterton is an otherworldly sexy beast.

    Thanks and have a fantastic New Year,
    Tuffy McGrubby

  2. Have the American Mary Blu-ray sitting right here, can't wait to sit and watch it!

    Love Sean Pertwee, and we have The Seasoning House sitting here waiting to go too.

  3. Although I thought Katherine Isabelle was "WOW!!!" in 'American Mary', she is one heck of a beauty to behold, also acting perfectly for her parts with what she was given; and there were a lot of great scenes throughout: Some execution of certain scenes left me feeling a bit flat. It didn't work for me all of the way, but most of the way it had me. The same could be said about 'Among Friends'. Theme wise I thought it was a little more interesting than 'mary', but execution wise, 'Mary' wins hands down. 'Mary' is just a better made movie.
    I also watched 'The Battery' a couple days ago. A very unique twist on the "zombie" genre. The third (final?) act is highly debated by those who thought it was the best part of the film, against those who thought that was when the film fell apart. I loved 'Battery' for the most part, but as of now, I am on the side of the third act not being as successful as the film makers wanted it to be. Interesting what they did on a $6K budget though. I give them endless props for bringing to light such a gem on such a midget budget. Beware though, about 30 minutes in, I wanted to douse Mickey with lighter fluid and set him ablaze. And by the last act, I wanted to shoot an RPG at him, then set him on fire just to be sure the job was done.

    Tuffy McGrubby