December 5, 2013

45 More reviews for you to explore!

45 or so more to go, and we'll be all finished. It's been kinda fun going back and revisiting every single movie we ever talked about, but man, this little "spring cleaning" of ours has been a long and tiring one.

Since 2013 marks our 5th year in service to the general Horror-loving public, we felt it would be a good idea to go back and clean up our older reviews; not only have a lot of them lost their proper formatting over the years, but we've changed a lot since the summer of 2008, and a lot of our older work needs some TLC to make us feel a bit more streamlined.

We also really wanted to organize them by decade, so that they're easier for our readers to find and access.

Some of these bad boys are older reviews, and we've changed formats over the years, So you're going to notice smaller pics, colored text, different graphics, etc... We're not going back and changing everything though, just tidying up a bit.


agression Bapartment Carea DNWavengers A BAIT-3D DNWbattle Abay C-cassa B chernobyl Dtdkrdetention DNWdposfritt C-gone Chatchet Chell Bhusk GPI saw A spit AIn Their B killer joe A-livide Blovely B-man w GPpact B paranormal XP D prometheus B Psych9 Cramm Brec 3 D red lights C resident C road C season D silent Csmiley DNWsnow B solomon C tall B traveler C-twixt170urban C pos170vanishing C-victim C

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