December 27, 2013

Wait, Will Graham is becoming Hannibal Lecter?

Either way, we're in.


  1. Whaaat?? So Will is going to embrace the foreboding of actual insanity? This is sad! He is the first protagonist I have ever rooted for due to his introverted, and somewhat humble, personality and *realistic* heroism. Now he is the villain :( typical. Oh well, you know I will still be plopped in front of my telly watching every second of it!

  2. I don't know. I can't see them allowing him to give in to his "insanity." Maybe they're just saying that it's going to get tougher for himm, and the lines will blur a bit more?

    We at least know that in the end, Will is the one who captures Lecter... and we will be plopped in front of our telly's watching it all unfold too.

    Telly... Brits have the best words :)~