December 9, 2013

Need Some Christmas Un-Cheer?- Silent Night (2012)
We reviewed Silent Night last year about this time, and since we loved it so much, we have no choice but to revisit it again this Christmas.

Silent Night is a "remake" of the notorious 80's Cult Classic, Silent Night, Deadly Night. It's a much better (and much different) movie than the original, and if you're the kind of sick twist that enjoys watching Santa mercilessly punish the naughty, then this movie is most definitely for you.

Click the poster above to peruse our review, and then go and find it on Netflix or something, and enjoy.

As a special Stocking Stuffer, let's take a gander at Silent Night's Cortney Palm, who is just about as fine of a present as any man could ever hope to ask for. That's a hint, Santa.

1 comment :

  1. I really have to get around to seeing this.

    I recommend the directors other film "Under the Bed" quite decent with some nice practical fx and a few nice kills.