September 24, 2015

The Best of... Master List!

Since July, we've been putting together Best of... lists for different Horror Sub-Genres, in an effort to celebrate some of the best Horror Movies that have ever been made. There are so many movies that have been made over the decades, that it's almost impossible trying to keep track of them all... and that's why lists are a cool thing to have. 

How many times have you been in the mood to watch something, but for the life of you, you can't figure out what in the hell you want to watch? I know that we spend more time searching through Netflix for something to watch, than we do actually watching things. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Each of our Best of... lists contains 36 movies for specific sub-genres (except for Space Horror, which only has 27), which gives everyone over 600 of the best Horror Movies ever made to choose from when deciding what to watch this Halloween Season.

There will be more lists to come, but hey, this is a good start, right?

  • Making any sort of "Best of" list is bound to be at least partially subjective. Every list like this has some movies that are left off that people thing should have made it, and vice versa. We tried to be as objective as possible with our choices. 
  • Every list below has a Top Six section that is comprised of the movies in that sub-genre that we loved the most. Everything else is listed A-Z, and not ranked at all. 
  • Every list below also has an Honorable Mention section, to give some extra love to movies that deserve it. 
  • Doing these lists also directly ties in with the theme for our 8th Annual 31 Days of Horror celebration, which begins on October 1st

So get to clicking, share the lists with other Horror lovers, and let's get ready to have a fun-filled & creepy October!


  1. Are you guys going to do a christmas list soon? Also Krampus looks Awesome.

    1. We'll do a Christmaslsit once it gets closer to December. We have to get through a busy Halloween month first!

      And Krampus looks great. Can't wait.

  2. Murder Party is also a great Halloween flick.