September 13, 2015

Are You Ready for Some Football! (Creepy Style)

The Fall is here, and while we anxiously await Halloween, we have the return of NFL Football to help us pass the time. I mean what else as the power to make Sundays exciting again until The Walking Dead returns in October?

Especially if you happen to play Fantasy Football, which we (along with nearly *75 million other people), do. *Got that stat on the Internets, so don't blame us if it's a bit off.
Our Detroit Lions @ the San Diego Chargers.
4:05 EST

Yes, being from Detroit means that we're Lions fans, and as painful as that can be sometimes (or most of the time), we bleed Honolulu Blue through and through.

The Leo's open their 2015 Season on the road at San Diego, and even though their road record has been abysmal for years, I think they're going to come out of San Diego with a win. Here's why:

  • The departure of Ndamukong Suh, while making the Dolphins defense better, is not going to cripple the Lions D as so many have predicted. They will prove that in Week 1.
  • Matthew Stafford is going to throw 3 TD's.
  • Megatron will be Megatron.
  • Ameer Abdullah is going to run like a maniac, and establish himself as the best RB that Detroit has had in years.
  • Eric Ebron is going to stop dropping balls and actually contribute. 
  • Phillip Rivers being Mr. Dependable, is going to have a solid game.
  • Melvin Gordon will struggle against the Lions Run D
  • With a hurting Tight End game, San Diego will be less dynamic until Antonio Gates returns.

The Chargers are no joke, but the final tally for this contest is going to be:

Lions 34, Chargers 24

If our bold prediction turns out to be wrong, we'll find something other than our obvious homerism to blame, so no worries.

As for those cool Halloween-themed NFL Logos, well you can check them all out HERE, courtesy of the now defunct, KissingSuzyKolber. What a great site that was.

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