September 27, 2015

The Best of... The 1970's!

Before we take a look at the 31 Best Horror Movies of the New Millennium during this year’s 31 Days of Horror, we thought we’d go back and try to figure out what the best movies of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s were first. For the sake of continuity.

In many ways, the 70’s gave birth to the Horror Film as we know it today, with directors like Tobe Hooper, Wes Craven, David Cronenberg, John Carpenter, Dario Argento, and Lucio Fulci introducing the world to a new, harsher, and more terrifying Horror Movie-going experience.

While the Gothic Horror flavor of the 60's carried over into the movies of 70's, it wasn't long before the themes of religion, possession, reincarnation/rising from the dead, evil children, violence against women, nature rebelling against man, and even erotica, took over in earnest. And of course, the end of the 70's saw the rise of the Slasher Movie begin in earnest with the success of Halloween. There were lots of vampires too.

The Horror Movies of the 70's made bold societal statements, and played on audience's fears like never before... and people ate it up.

  • We wen’t with 50 movies for this list instead of our normal 36, and even then we were forced to leave some great movies out in the cold. I promise you, none of those choices were easy.
  • Aside from the Must See classics in the Top Six section, we heartily recommend that Black Christmas, Deep Red, Phantasm, Salem's Lot, Tourist Trap, The Wicker Man, and Zombie, be at the top of your watch lists. 

So here are the 50 Best Horror Movies of the 1970’s. If you’re looking to explore the genre, then these are the classic movies you start with. The movies in the Top Six are timeless and essential, but so are many of the ones that make up the rest of the 50. You should really explore them all.

Top 6AlienDawn of the DeadExorcistHalloweenSuspiriaTexas chainsaw Massacre
*Most of the links go to Amazon so that you can stream or grab yourself a copy of the movies; or in the case of some of the older & more obscure titles, IMDB, because they simply aren't available to stream or purchase.

Alice Sweet aliceAmityvilleBay of BloodBird With the Crystal PlumageBlack ChristmasBlaculaBroodBuio OmegaBurnt OfferingsCarrieCraziesDeathdreamDeep RedDon't Be AfraidDon't Look NowHills Have EyesI SpitInvasion of the Body SnatchersJawsLast House on the LeftLegendLet Sleeping Corpses LieLet's Scare Jessica to DeathLisa and the DevilMagicMartinNosferatu the VampyreOmenPhantasmPicnic at Hanging RockRabidSalems LotSaloSentinelShiversShockStraw DogsTalesTorsoTourist TrapTrilogy of TerrorWho Can Kill a ChildWicker ManZombie170 x 250


  1. You guys with these lists!! I hope you get money when I buy movies from your links, cause I have bought at least a dozen in the last few months. My collection has swelled to over 760!

    1. I know lol

      the lsits all started with someone messaging us and asking "Hey, what are some good Haunted House movies?" Then, once we decided to do a countdown of the 31 Best Movies of the New Milennium for this October's 32 Days of Horror, we decided to do some lits leading up to that so that we could start getting our minds in Best of mode.

      And we do get some money when you use our links. Not a lot, but it's something. Thanks for using our links. It makes us feel appreciated!

      My personal Blu-ray collection is under 400, but add in the 1000+ DVDs to that, and I'm up there too. Most of them are Horror :)