September 17, 2015

What's New On Netflix for September?
We've done a pretty piss-poor job of keeping our What's New on Netflix? Page updated over the last month or so, but we mostly blame Netflix for that, as they haven't really been adding many new Horror titles lately, and so there hasn't been all that much to update.

Things are looking up for September though, as Netflix has added some great titles to their lineup already, like The Monster Squad, Sleepy Hollow, The Harvest, Burying the Ex, and The Blair Witch Project. Hopefully that trend will continue as we get closer and closer to October, because Horror fans are going to need options! You need to step it up for Halloween, Netflix!

Netflix tends not to announce too much in advance, but there are still two titles of note coming in September (that we know of):

The Loft- September 23rd.
The Walking Dead (S5)- September 27th.

Be sure to visit our full What's New on Netflix? Page, where where you can find every notable Genre release of the past 4 months, plus a small list at the bottom of some other notable favorites for you to add to your Netflix Lists.


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