September 25, 2015

What's New on VOD This Week? (9/22-9/25)

*We're going to be switching up the format of our weekly VOD post through the end of October; with the sheer volume of titles hitting VOD between now and Halloween, we need to condense things a bit, or else risk having some crazy long posts.

You can still rent the movies or watch their trailers by clicking the posters below, so really, same thing, just a different format.

Last week, there were 6 new & notable releases on VOD, and next week, we get 9. This week though, there are only 3 to choose from, and only one of them is a Summer tent-pole action flick.

Oh well. At least all three of them are good flicks that are worth renting.

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  • Hidden looks like an intense, claustrophobic Post-Apocalyptic effort, which is exactly the kind of thing that we love around here. Plus, we haven't seen Alexander Skarsgard in about a minute, so it will be good to see him starring in something again. Definitely checking this one out tonight.
  • We liked Insidious: Chapter 3 far more than we expected to, and it's a movie that's absolutely worthy of a VOD rental for most Horror fans. Especially if you're easily scared. Check out our review HERE
  • Finally this week, we have San Andreas; the big, loud, silly, fun as hell disaster movie that stars The Rock, and two of the hottest women on the planet, Carla Gugino and Alexandra Daddario. Check your brains at the door, and just enjoy the spectacle, which was pretty damned amazing as disaster films go.

On a side note: The Green Inferno and The Keeping Room are not hitting VOD today like we expected them to. If you want to see either of them, you'll either have to find them at a theater near you, or wait until they do hit VOD, which may not be for weeks yet.


    1. I understand you guys are from MI, have you guy ever been to Studio 28 theater?

      1. No we haven't. Is that on the west side of the State? We're SE Mich.

    2. Yeah, the west side in Wyoming.