September 16, 2015

The Best of… Home Invasion Horror!

Most Home Invasion flicks tend to involve some malevolent bastards forcing their way into a home, with the goal of terrorizing its occupants in mind. Sometimes they involve someone hiding in an attic or an upstairs room. Sometimes, it's a tiger that does the invading.

No matter what the scenario though, the average Home Invasion movie makes for an intense and terrifying ride. The above average ones make that ride even better.

  • Funny Games is listed twice: Once for the original, once for the remake. 
  • This list contains some of the most intense Genre movies ever made.
  • Outside of the Top Six, Martyrs, When a Stranger Calls, and The Collector are absolute Must Sees when it comes to Home Invasion flicks.
  • In The Honorable Mention section, we gave nods to some lesser known movies that were each solid Home Invasion efforts in their own way. 

If you're in the mood for a truly quality Home Invasion flick, any of the movies in our Top Six will do you right. For our money, Inside and Them are probably the best of them, but then again they all bring their own unique and terrifying vision to the Home Invasion Sub-Genre, so enjoy them all!

Top 6Black ChristmasFunny GamesHaute TensionInsideStrangersThem
Below are the rest of our 30 Best Home Invasion flicks, and of course, a few Honorable Mentions thrown in for good measure. Keep in mind that no "Best of" list is ever perfect, but merely a solid starting point for anyone looking to watch some great flicks. 

*Most of the links go to Amazon so that you can stream or grab yourself a copy of the movies; our review of the movie (when applicable); or in the case of some of the older & more obscure titles, IMDB, because they simply aren't available to stream or purchase.

Agression ScaleCollectorDream HomeFunny Games remakeGiftGirlhouseHard CandyHouse by the EdgeIn Their SkinKidnappedLast House on the LeftLast House remakeMartyrsMother's DayPacific HeightsPanic RoomPurgeSilent HouseSleep TightStraw DogsVacancyWait Until DarkWhen a Stranger CallsYou're NextHonorableBurning BrightCountdownPurge AnarchyStaticTiger HouseWhite Settlers


  1. You listed Funny Games twice. Pretty unfair, I must say. Haha.

    Anyway, I've been enjoying your blog since God knows when, and it has really helped me a lot in picking what to watch next and what to never watch at all. Although sometimes (very rarely) I disagree with your opinion, this is definitely my go-to blog every week, if not every day. Keep up the tremendous work!

    1. Original and remake, that's why it's listed twice :)

      Thanks, Noorel. We;re glad we've helped you out. We Horror fans have to look out for one another! :)

  2. Bump Dream Home to it!
    And whatever you do, make sure Hate Crime is far, far, far away from your list. What a pile of rubbish.

    1. Dream Home was a vicious little movie, and we loved it too.

      And we will stay far away from Hate Crime. We promise lol