September 30, 2015

The 31 Days of Horror: The Honorable Mentions

We're about to kick off our 8th Annual 31 Days of Horror tomorrow, where we'll count down the 31 Best Horror Movies of the New Millennium, and we're excited. It's not going to be easy to try and pick a small handful of movies out of the VERY large mountain of excellent movies that have been released since 2000, and call them The Best, but here we are getting ready to do so anyway.

It's a fool's errand at best, really.

Before we begin all of that though, we have to give a well-deserved nod to the movies that didn't make that final list. Even with us listing 60 great movies that deserve Honorable Mention (and much more), there are still a bunch of great movies that are going unaccounted for on either list. Honestly, just look at the movies below; at least 10 of them could be #1 on most Best of lists, and many more of them could easily make the Top 31.

Top 31 or Top 100, these are all movies that deserve to be watched by Horror fanatics this October. That at least is one point that can't be argued.

The links below go to Amazon or IMDB, depending on availability.

28 DaysA Serbianacol A[3][3]All the BoysBabadookBATTLEbelowBig BadBurning BrightCabin FeverChildrenConspiracyCrystal Lake MemoriesDead SnowDevil's BackboneDevil's RockDog SoldiersDrag Me to HellDreddfrailtyFrontieresGhosts of MarsGirlGreyGuestHillsHome MoviehostHostelHouse of the DevilItKillerKillersLand of the DeadLast HouseMayMegan Is MissingmidnightMore BrainsMothmanNever Sleep AgainNoroiOthersPan'sParanormal Activity 2PiranhaPitch BlackPlanet TerrorRecruins A[3]Shaun of the DeadSplinterSpringstake ASuicide ClubTexasTunnelUnderworldWrong TurnZombieland


  1. Is John Carpenter's Ghost of Mars worth seeing? I've heard negative stuff about it so I never got around to it, however, I seen all Carpenter's films except for Ghost of Mars and Village of the Damned.

  2. Ghosts of Mars is a lot like Vampires; it's nowhere near as good as his earlier stuff, but it's a lot of fun. Village of the Damned as decent too, but we've always thought that Ghosts was way underrated.