September 30, 2015

ICYMI: The Blu-ray & DVD Releases of September!

It's hard to believe that September came and went so fast, but tomorrow is already October 1st, and that means that The Halloween Season is finally here! It will surely come and go as quickly (if not quicker) than September did, so we intend to savor every last second of the creepiest month of the year.

There were A TON of notable Blu-ray & DVD Releases in September, and while we can't reasonably buy every last one of the movies that we want to own, we sure did add a bunch to our collection, and more importantly, to our Halloween Movie Marathon pile.

Hopefully, you did too. If not, here's a quick rundown of what you may have missed:

The Must Own Movie Releases of September: Backcountry, Mad Max: Fury Road, 10 To Midnight, Dressed to Kill, The Editor, Crystal Lake Memories, The Friday the 13th 2-Packs, Shocker, Furious 7, The Legacy, Halloween 6: The Producer's Cut, Eaten Alive, The Sentinel, and Christine.

The Must Own TV Releases of September: MST3K: Volume One, Haven, Homeland, Sleepy Hollow, and Grimm.

So if you missed any of the great titles that September brought us, click below to order them now, and here's looking towards an even better October!

*Be sure to click the pics for info on the flicks!

September 21ArmybackbloodCurseDarkDeadharvestLostMadMadMadbOriginalsvampWolf170 x 22416AvChristopherDarkFeltMat3kParanormalRememberRun8210angstCitizendressededitorCrystal12345GothamHavenHomemiseryMoriturisReturnshockerSocietySuper24Secrets15agentagentsaqBeastfuriousH6HouseImmorallegacyLostmadsleepySpaced170 x 224170 x 2242Purge46DolldusthauntReturned170 x 25022DeadarroweatenflashLisaRocky HorrorsentinelWoods170 x 224fleshjudyredContainmentFatal170 x 25029chrisCop CarGrimmhoneymoonjackPoltergeistSavage170 x 224170 x 2243CannonCreeperDealerdeathDraculaizombieKillingLastqueenSep 29scarredBanner-2

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