December 30, 2011

The Worst of 2011: The Honorable Mentions

In this category, I'd rather be an also ran. Sure, these movies sucked, but there are 10 movies that sucked even worse than these did, so really, I'd rather suck less. The movies on this list are frustrating, confounding, confusing, ridiculous, messy, pointless or just plain bad.

We understand that making a movie is a tough job; even the worst of movies have a cast and crew of people behind them that break their ass, and try their absolute hardest to make something great, but they just fall short. For those folks, having their movie on a Worst of list should be a learning experience. It's the movies that sucked kid, not you. Take the feedback, learn from it, and make a better movie next time. Plenty of great filmmakers and actors have made some shit movies, and yet they rebounded just fine. Keeping telling your stories from the heart, and people will eventually listen.

For the other kind of filmmakers, the ones who either don't care, or think they're great when they actually suck, just give up now. This category is most reserved for studio execs who greenlight crap movies to turn a quick buck, and sucker well-intentioned fans into wasting their time and money on movies that had little or no effort and creativity put into them. You assholes need to stop wasting our time and money. There are filmmakers out there with talent and genuine passion that can use the resources and promotion that are wasted on your films, so give over and let them shine.

That being said, before we get to the 10 Worst flicks of the year, here are the also rans. It could have been worse, right?

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  1. Stop picking on Cage! :) Season of the Witch was barely horror and not completely bad.

  2. We love Nic Cage! It's not our fault he picks a lot of crappy movies to be in. And we gave Drive Angry plenty of love, so... ha!

    It had a witch in it, ok? It counts :)

  3. I saw Bloodlust Zombies at the store and wondered how anyone would have ever thought that it was worth watching.

    I assume that there are boobies in it, at the very least.