December 24, 2011

Quick Review: Dream House (2011)
Whereas this movie was marketed to look like a ghostly Horror movie, it was really more of a drama, if anything.

Dream House revolves around a family that moves into a house with a dark and dangerous past (ugh); you see, the home's previous owner killed his wife and kids, and is of course "still out there." Weird things start happening to the family after moving in, and they soon discover that the killer might be back to claim his house, and kill them too...

This was a decent little movie. Daniel Craig is a favorite of ours, mainly because he makes a good James Bond, but he plays creepy fairly well here too. Of course any movie with Rachel Weisz is always worth checking out, because she's a Hottie and a half. And let us not forget the also hot neighbor, Naomi Watts.

Dream House has its moments, and it mostly entertains.

He's behind you!
Looks like someone found mommy's strap-on.
This movie is decent enough, and fairly entertaining, even if it is a bit misleading. If you like a good Thriller with a decent twist or two, you'll most likely enjoy this movie. Be warned though, it's not quite the Horror flick it looks to be; it's actually more of a mystery. We don't care though, because it's got 2 hot chicks and James Bond in it. Yes, we're shallow like that.


Dream House? More like Dream Girls, am I right?

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