December 23, 2011

Quick Review: The Dead (2011)
Quick, name the last great movie you saw that was set in Africa. Go ahead. I'll wait... Nothing coming to mind, huh? Well here's one that will forever fill that troubling void for you, and it's a Zombie flick.

The Dead is basically about an American Air Force Engineer who is stranded in Africa, just as Zombie Apocalypse is breaking out. He meets up with a pissed-off African soldier, and together they head across the dry, barren, desolate, dry, hot and dry landscape of Africa, killing Zombies left and right.

It's a road movie. Like Hope & Crosby, Thelma & Louise, or even Tango & Cash, our mismatched heroes set off on a cross country trek with guns-a-blazing! Alright, so maybe Hope & Crosby never had any blazing guns, and maybe Tango & Cash never left LA, but you get the idea.

This guy, he's the real idea.
The Dead is a movie that repeats itself a lot; it seems as if the movie basically follows the formula of walk/drive, shoot Zombies, repeat. It's not terribly deep as far as character development goes, and the plot isn't very rich with detail either. What The Dead is though, is a really good Zombie flick that brings back the glory of the slow-moving undead.

And we mean s-l-o-w moving.
The Dead is a slow and repetitive movie at times, but it's also bloody and filled with all kinds of Zombie goodness. In a day and age when "Zombie Movie" means a bunch of infected people chasing a small band of survivors around, it's nice to see a Zombie flick that feels a bit more old-fashioned.


No Hotties in this one, sorry.

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