December 25, 2011

Quick Review: Red, White & Blue (2011)
We caught this one way back at the beginning of the year, and even though we liked it, we never reviewed it. This is an example of one that we forgot about, so shame on us.

RW&B is the story of Erica; a slutty, emotionless void of a woman, who will bang anything she comes across. Sure, she's got her reasons for being like that, but it doesn't make it right! (Just kidding, we love sluts.)

When she meets Nate, a skanky drifter, and ex-military wetwork guy, she begins to see what being cared for is all about. Unfortunately for both of them, a gang-bang gone wrong is about to make things go from depressingly bad to violently worse...

Was it rape?
Red White & Blue starts off slow and ends with a crazy bang, so to speak, and all the while the whole thing is covered in a nasty layer of dysfunction and despair. It doesn't get truly horrific until the end, but once the Horror kicks in, it's a tough one to endure.

Dude is scary.
Don't cry, it'll only make things worse.
Kinda hard to totally sympathize with her, You'll see why. 
Red White & Blue is a sad story that makes you feel kinda grimy for watching it. It's about sad people that go through some creepy, traumatic things, and none of them escape unharmed. Amanda Fuller and Noah Taylor turn in great performances that make you feel for their characters even when they're up to their own kinds of shady business. If you like it real and gritty, this movie is one to check out.


Amanda Fuller is an under the radar Hottie.

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